Why a dealer should join IGFA?

IGFA is a quality label that emphasizes the solid reputation of its members with regards to the serious, correct and complete information given on the equipment that they offer as well as to the efficiency and reliability that they prove when processing any transaction. IGFA help the members to increase the trust on their prospects to increase the possibility of deals.

As a sector, used machinery dealers do not have the best reputation with their printing and bindery customers. This is because of the activities of the few companies and individuals who do not behave honourably and honestly to their customers. There are some rogues out there, and the International Graphic Fairtrade Association exists to help distinguish the good guys from the bad.

We are a group of dealers who believe that a handshake is as good as a 10 page contract, and that companies that act fairly and treat their customers correctly will prosper and grow. Printers and binders who deal with our members know they will get what they pay for, and they come back to us.

IGFA sets the standard. It exists to improve the image of our industry by fair and honest dealing with our customers. We work together to promote our members’ interests, helping each other, trading and cooperating openly together on deals, exchanging ideas and information and protecting each other from fraudsters.

We want IGFA to grow by recruiting good and respected dealers from around the world. If you share our philosophy and ideals we would welcome you as a member.

You would be part of an organisation increasingly known and trusted by the industry you serve.