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2000 Komori Lithrone L-520+LX

Category: Sheetfed
Year: 2000
Colours: 5
Height: 1280
Width: 1280

2000 Komori Lithrone L-520+LX PQC Console Semi Automatic Plate Change Pierry IR Dryer ESS Powder Spray Tower Coater with Royse Recirculator Komorimatic Dampening with Royse Recirculation & Refri…


1999 Heidelberg Speedmaster SM 74 4P

Category: Sheetfed
Year: 1999
Colours: 4

1999 Heidelberg SM74-4P CPC 1.04 console CPTronic Alcolor Damp. Technotrans R&R Autoplate Changer Lowe Pile Perfector 2/2 or 4/0 140 mil imps


2001 Heidelberg SM74-8P3-LX

Category: Sheetfed
Year: 2001
Colours: 8
Height: 740
Width: 740

CP2000 Alcolor Autoplate Autowash Preset Nordson UV Interdecks Tower Coater Technotrans Ink Temperature Control House Air Extended Delivery