Ryobi 784 E

  • Manufacturer:
  • Ryobi
  • Model:
  • 780
  • Year:
  • 2006


Age c. 2006 – S/N. 1046 – Impressions c. 65 mil. – Size: 600×788 mm – Code: WGM948

Equipped with:
PCS-K: consolle into the press as a space-saving feature with touch screen panel on delivery to control the main operations and settings, such as ink and water volume control, printing parameter settings, fine adjustment of registration, impression pressure preset (option), and maintenance information. It also input the image area ratio data calculated from prepress data by the Ink Volume Setter (option) and Ink Volume Setter-CIP4 (PPF) (option) via network. The data can also be input with a USB flash drive.
PDS-E: quality control system
Electronic control of double sheets
Electronic control of the sheet missing
Pointing tape sucked
Pointing Wheel
Automatic ink regulation from consolle
RyobiMatic: alcool dampening
Automatic roller and blanket washes
Semi-RPC: Semiautomatic Plate Changer
Circumferential and assial registers
Medium pile delivery
Powder spray

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