Komori Lithrone LS 529 H+C HUV

  • Manufacturer:
  • Komori
  • Model:
  • Lithrone LS-29
  • Year:
  • 2012


PQC Console
PDCS II: Print Density Control
KMS 4 – Komori Monitoring System
Komorimatic Dampening Unit
KHS -AL: Pre-Inking System
FAPC: Fully Automatic Plate Change
IR Dryer
Coating System Tresu with Doctor Chamber Blade
Impression Cylinder Washing Device
Blanket Washing Device
Ink Roller Washing Device
UV Dryer Delivery H-UV
Steel Plate in Feeder
Steel Plate Delivery
Technotrans Alpha F. Cooling Device
Ink. Temperature Control
Skeleton Transfer Cylinders: 0,04 – 0.8 mm
Machine speed straight printing max.:16.000 s/h
Preset: Automatic Adjustment of Size
Steel Plate in Feeder & Delivery
Ink declutch on 1st and 5th unit
Electronic Sidelay
Ion Blower for Plastic
Raised 200mm