2017 RMGT 920 ST – 6 + IR + CC + SLD

  • Manufacturer:
  • RMGT
  • Model:
  • 9
  • Year:
  • 2017


2017 RMGT 920 ST-6+IR+CC+SLD Extended delivery with Anilox coater
63 Mil Impression
Paper size preset system (feeder & delivery)
Skid type paper pile board with nonstop feeding function
Automatic ink roller cleaner
Automatic blanker cleaner
Ink oscillating form roller set
Impression pressure preset system
Racking board back guide
Plate bender (punch + bender)
Chamber doctor blade coating
IR dryer with hot air knives
Pneumatic pull side guide
Delivery fan static eliminator
PDS-E Spectro Drive
55inch large screen monitor
Ink roller core with oscillating rollers
Water roller core
Timing checker
Smart RPC SimulChanger
Ink roller for ink roller temperature control device
Piping for ink roller temperature control device
Serial No. 5094