Welcome to the IGFA

Where a woman's or a man's word, a handshake and a look into each others' eyes is worth more than a ten-page contract!

The increasing number of dubious offers that can be found on many internet platforms make it difficult for customers, suppliers and manufacturers to distinguish the serious dealers from the unscrupulous and shameless freeloaders. While the first might have to complain about a single loss, the latters cause a considerable damage to the reputation of an entire business sector. This calls for action on the part of dealers who carry out their work with love and devotion and whose pride for their daily activities is more than justified.

The IGFA is an international association of selected dealers of used equipments for the graphic art industry. It was founded during DRUPA 2012 in Düsseldorf, Germany and has its legal domicile in Winterthur, Switzerland. The members of the IGFA commit themselves to prove a high standard of professional ethic and reliability in all their business activities. Beyond the usual purchases and sales, this also includes the engineering, logistics and financial aspects of a deal. Although it might happen that some IGFA-members compete with each other in some specific situations, they treat each other with respect and dignity.

More than just a gentlemen's club, IGFA is a quality label that emphasizes the solid reputation of its members with regards to the serious, correct and complete informations given on the equipments that they offer as well as to the efficiency and reliabilty that they prove when processing any transaction.

For the sake of your own business, don't take risks! Contact your own IGFA-dealer!


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